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GREAT SOLAR sp. z o.o.

We are a young company in the market, much like the entire photovoltaic industry in Poland. However, we are built on the education, knowledge, and experience of specialists in the fields of electrical engineering, energy, and mechanics.

Our team consists of qualified engineers who not only understand the technical aspects of photovoltaic installations but also prioritize sustainable development and ecology.

Our goal is to provide professional consultancy and comprehensive service to our clients in the field of photovoltaics, as well as in a variety of other disciplines. In addition to photovoltaics, we offer our clients international electrical and mechanical consulting, as well as management and supervision of international electrical and mechanical projects.

panele fotowoltaiczne rzeszów

Certified Engineers

Our certified engineers specialize in the installation of photovoltaic farms.

Save Money

Commercial photovoltaic installations provide lower electricity bills.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation for photovoltaic installations.


Best Photovoltaic Solutions for Your Needs

We offer a wide range of services, from the installation of photovoltaic farms to photovoltaic installations. Our industrial and commercial photovoltaic installations are designed for maximum efficiency and savings. Explore our photovoltaic panels and discover how a photovoltaic farm can transform your approach to energy.



For individual clients, we offer the installation of proven small-scale individual installations ranging from 3-10 kWp. These solutions are perfectly suited for the needs of homes, agricultural buildings, and small businesses. Considering the diverse requirements of each client, we initiate the project with a technical feasibility assessment, consultations, and recommendations of the best solutions to the client. It is through this stage that our clients can be confident they are choosing the best individually tailored solution for each customer.



Commercial clients can also expect comprehensive service and execution. Starting from consultations, project assessments, to the technical acceptance of high-capacity photovoltaic installations. Our team specializes in the design and construction of installations for businesses, industrial plants, and municipal institutions. As a team, we prioritize quality and complete customer satisfaction, ensuring that our team and customer service are at the highest level.



In addition to providing professional and comprehensive services in the field of photovoltaic panel installations, our company also offers a range of additional services. Great Solar is a team of specialists from various fields who daily undertake a variety of activities for our corporate clients. For many years, we have specialized in international electrical and mechanical consulting, as well as management and supervision of international electrical and mechanical projects.


Photovoltaic Panels Rzeszów and Surrounding Areas

Our strength undoubtedly lies in approaching every client with the same level of dedication, whether they are individual, commercial, or corporate.

Each project starts with consultations and individually tailored solutions because we understand that maintaining professionalism and achieving optimal performance requires more than just standard solutions.

Our priority is to deliver high-quality photovoltaic panels and comprehensive installation services in Rzeszów and the surrounding areas. Our solutions include the installation of photovoltaic farms, commercial photovoltaic installations, and industrial photovoltaic installations, which are ideal for energy savings and environmental protection.

The company has been in the industry for years. Worth recommending mainly due to the quality of their products, which is also linked to the warranty period. You can inquire about their performance due to their extensive experience in the field, and that is the best verification. I recommend them.
Klaudia Gąsior

Product Warranty

Inverter Warranty

Professional Installation

Professional Advice


Get to Know Us Better

Great Solar is a company that permanently employs and collaborates with several specialists, including engineers, technicians, and sales representatives.

Our team consists of individuals who understand your needs.


Lower Your Electricity Bills

Utilizing renewable energy sources is an investment that not only impacts savings but also has significant environmental benefits for our planet.

A photovoltaic farm is an effective way to reduce electricity bills. Our photovoltaic installations ensure savings and protect our planet from the negative effects of CO2 emissions. We also offer photovoltaic panels that provide the highest efficiency and reliability.

With our solutions, you can expect real energy savings along with professional advice and support at every stage of the photovoltaic installation process.


Photovoltaic Installations Starting From 13,950 PLN

With 90% Financing!

Take advantage of our exceptional offer on photovoltaic installations starting from 13,950 PLN. Thanks to financing programs, you can receive up to 90% cost reimbursement. This is an excellent opportunity to switch to green energy and start saving on electricity bills.