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Comprehensive solutions in the field of
design and construction of solar farms,
installations for companies, workplaces or
municipal institutions.


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Photovoltaic installations for just PLN 13 950 with 90% co-financing!


Our company offers the installation of proven individual installations of low power 3-10 kWp. These solutions perfectly meet the needs of houses, farm buildings and small businesses. The project starts with an assessment of technical capabilities and advice to the client.


Our company offers comprehensive implementation, ranging from project evaluation to technical acceptance of photovoltaic installations of higher power. Our team specializes in the design and construction of installations for companies, workplaces, municipal institutions and cities.


Our company is a team of specialists in various fields who carry out a number of activities for our corporate clients on a daily basis. For many years we have specialized in, among others, international electrotechnical and mechanical consulting as well as management and supervision of international electrotechnical and mechanical projects.

About our company

The company GREAT SOLAR sp. z o. o. is a young company on the market, just like the entire photovoltaic industry in Poland. However, we rely on the education, knowledge and experience of specialists in electrical engineering, energy and mechanics.

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The company permanently employs and cooperates with over a dozen specialists, such as engineers, technicians and traders.
Photovoltaic installations for just PLN 13,950 with 90% co-financing!