We help in obtaining subsidies
for the installation of photovoltaic panels


Check, what we can offer you

Individual photovoltaic installations

We provide comprehensive execution of photovoltaic installations for individual customers. Our solutions are ideally suited to single-family houses, outbuildings or small businesses. We help to prepare projects, get access to the installation of solar panels and we are involved in the assembly and commissioning of the system

Commercial solar installations

Our team specializes in solutions dedicated to small and large companies. We design photovoltaic Installations for industry, workplaces and municipal institutions. We provide professional implementation, assembly and service made by us systems. Our team of experts is at your disposal at every stage of the order.

Industrial and street LED lighting

We offer the highest quality industrial luminaires and street lighting, manufactured on the basis of components from proven and trusted manufacturers from around the world. Importantly, all products are specific to our climate and distinguished by high resistance to unfavourable weather conditions.

Other offer of our company

Our team consists of specialists from various fields, who carry out a series of activities for our corporate clients on a daily basis. We carry out orders including in the field of: management and supervision of international electro technical and mechanical projects, programming of Allen-Bradley ControlLogic industrial controllers and hire of qualified engineers for short- or long-term projects.


Stosujemy produkty najwyższej jakości, które kupujemy korzystnie bezpośrednio od producentów w dużych ilościach, aby móc zaproponować Państwu takie ceny instalacji, które spłacą się w krótkim czasie użytkowania. Co prawda żywotność naszych elektrowni sięga 25-30 lat, ale u nas macie Państwo bezpieczeństwo inwestycyjne polegające na 10 lat gwarancji i 10 lat amortyzacji.
Niemniej jeżeli mielibyście Państwo życzenie zainstalowania komponentów wybranych przez siebie, to jesteśmy to również w stanie dostarczyć. Cena może być również konkurencyjna, ponieważ mamy kontakty z największymi dilerami w Europie.