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Inverter – electronic device, which converters DC current into AC one. In photovoltaic installations, it converts the DC current created by solar panels and adapts it to the receivers and the electricity grid. The inverter next to the panels is the second most important element of the PV installation.
In our installations, we use transformerless, single- or three-phase inverters from renowned global producers. Each time the inverter is selected individually for a given installation in terms of: cost, technical parameters (among others: power, energy efficiency, maximum voltages, number of inputs, etc.), requirements for the installation location and the way of monitoring the inverter and the set of cells.

The inverters installed by us most often meet the following standards:
  • a) Electromagnetic protection: EN 61000-6-1; EN 61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-3; EN 61000-6-4
  • b) Protection of persons: DIN VDE 0100 a; DIN VDE 0105
  • c) Network monitoring: DIN VDE-AR-N 4105; EN 50438
  • d) European standards: All standards that make up the following marks: CE, GS, TÜV
We recommend SAJ Electric inverters:

It is true that the production of these devices is located in China, but the active components used in them are from Germany, and passive from Japan. In addition, the company has been present in Europe and Poland for many years, and because it treats our market seriously, the device menu and the management and control page are in Polish. An additional advantage is the 10-year warranty, and technical parameters in many cases outweigh the more well-known competition. More parameters in the available documentation for download:



We use the highest quality products that we buy at great prices directly from producers in large quantities to be able to offer you such installation prices, which will pay off in a short time of use. The lifetime of our power plants is indeed 25-30 years, but with us you have investment security consisting in the 10-year warranty and a 10-year amortization.
However, if you would like to install components of your choice, we are also able to provide it. The price can also be competitive because we have contacts with the largest dealers in Europe.

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