We help in obtaining subsidies
for the installation of photovoltaic panels

Power Optimizers

Power Optimizer – an electronic device, that can be connected to any photovoltaic panel or chain of modules, allowing depending on the version: optimization of power delivery to the inverter and / or safety in case of damage or / and accurate monitoring of PV work. These modules are most often used in the case of the need to separate a set of photovoltaic panels, for example, the east-west roof system. The manufacturer’s warranty is available up to 25 years.


We use the highest quality products that we buy at great prices directly from producers in large quantities to be able to offer you such installation prices, which will pay off in a short time of use. The lifetime of our power plants is indeed 25-30 years, but with us you have investment security consisting in the 10-year warranty and a 10-year amortization.
However, if you would like to install components of your choice, we are also able to provide it. The price can also be competitive because we have contacts with the largest dealers in Europe.

PV Panel



Optymalizatory mocy

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